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Equipped with custody transfer measurement expertise and tanker design knowledge, MIS surveyors are highly proficient in performing bunker measurement surveys to address all your measurement needs.

Stringently screened and selected surveyors are thoroughly trained before being placed on a job. Therefore, they are able to understand and apply the guideline procedures in accordance to TR48:2015 or SS600/ISO13739.

Uncovering loopholes in operational procedures and system integrity are also paramount in the performance of our surveyors, discovering the unnoticed in system integrity, operations and metering system.

Post operation complement services such as Data Analytics, Post Bunker Operation Data Analysis and due Diligence compliance audit are also introduced to elevate your trust and assurance in every MFM custody transfer.



  • System Calibration Compliance
  • Bunker System Control Verification
  • Traceability Documentation Validation
  • Establish and Alignment of MFM Operating Spectrum
  • Stakeholders Guidance to Governing Standards

System Integrity

  • Safeguarding Buyer against Unauthorised Adjustment Risk
  • Enhance System Security Control
  • Elevate Stakeholders Trust in Measurement System
  • Technological and Technical Savvy for Bunker Delivery

Operation Control

  • Operation Monitoring and Control
  • Post Bunker Operation Data Analysis
  • MFM Profile Data Analytics
  • Enhanced Dispute Management Process Framework


Bunker Quantity Survey

  • Measurement of vessel bunker tank, before and after delivery

  • Checks on bunker tanker MFM traceability and security

  • Ensure MFM system integrity is maintain during bunker

  • Comply to TR48 and SS600 measurement requirement

  • Photograph documentation of key bunker process

  • Detailed bunker survey report

  • Sample and quality testing in accordance to ISO 8217

On-Hire / Off-Hire Survey

  • Routine checks on vessel/ tanker remaining on onboard bunker quantity

  • On / Off hire survey may include vessel general condition survey (to record vessel condition at the commencement or end of the on / off hire period)

  • Detailed On/ Off-hire survey report

R.O.B  Survey

  • Random / routine checks locally and abroad to keep track on declared versus actual ROB quantities.

  • Undeclared / under or over declared bunker fuel onboard checks against historical data from vessel’s logbooks.

  • R.O.B. Certificate will be issued

De-Bunker Survey

  • Inspection of de-bunkering process
  • Collection of requisite sample for analysis
  • Detailed de-bunker survey report

Pipeline Verification Survey

  • Verification of pipeline checks onboard MFM fitted tankers in reference to the latest class approved piping diagram (MFM tanker)

Supervision of loading & discharge

  • We know how important your cargo is, our surveyor witness the loading and unloading of your cargo (bunker fuels) during the entire operation.

  • Ensure compliance with local regulations & authority requirement meet accordingly.

  • Provide real-time information.

Dispute Verifying & Due Diligence Compliance Audit

  • Systematic and thorough investigation

  • MFM bunker profile reading

  • Periodic system health checks for early alert

  • Identify measurement improvement fostering enhance trust

Oil Loss Control

  • Detailed investigation carried out during a cargo transfer process to investigate & analysis the root cause of the losses

Meter Profile Data Analytic

  • Bunker profile reading and analysis
  • QuickView
  • EnhancedView
  • FullView

Condition Surveys

  • Surveyor carries out/ inspect visual inspection of the accommodations, hull, hatch covers, safety equipment, cargo holds etc in addition to on/off ROB Survey.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?

Quality Testing of Petroleum Products

Bunker Fuel Oil testing is key in reducing the risk of engine malfunction and downtime.  MIS is partnered with a reputable SAC-SINGLAS Accredited laboratory in Singapore.

Our partner laboratory is able to provide testing capability that meets ISO 8217 specifications for bunker fuel oil.

  • Bunker Fuel Testing
  • Sampling Survey
  • Bunker Blending
  • Quality Dispute Management
  • Oil Loss Management Programme
Safe & Secure

We are dedicated in safeguarding the operational integrity of your bunker tanker – with increased oversight, transparency and security in bunker custody transfer.

Quality And Performance

At MIS, we provide range of customisable services to our customers by our team of experts. Our range of services varies from independent inspection, surveying and verification.

Expansive Knowledge

We are equipped with expansive knowledge of the mass flow metering system, its operational integration with bunker tankers and MFM system security.